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welcome to Gl Automobiles

Welcome to GL Automobiles

GoodLife Automobiles connects buyers and sellers worldwide to cars of their choice. Our automobile sales company is driven by the span and expertise of our Affiliate network.

You will find that our staff are as people-motivated as they are sales-motivated. Our people combine entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of the automobile sectors with the highest standards of client care to buyers and sellers worldwide.

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2020 Ford Explorer: Knockout styling caches all-new engineering

Debuting a RWD global architecture and new hybrid system, the 2020 Explorer brings a host of new tech along with stunning styling. Already America’s all-time best-selling SUV, the all-new 2020 Ford Explorer is cast on an entirely new global rear-wheel-drive (RWD) architecture and boasts the first Ford application of it new modular hybrid transmission (MHT). The lighter and stronger architecture underpins the broadest Explorer lineup yet, featuring a new hybrid, an ST model, more powerful EcoBoost powertrains, all-10-speed gearboxes and a host of new safety/convenience tech. With new styling that is razor sharp, consumers would have likely flocked to it […]

Outsides Of Cars Now Can Power ‘The Inside’

A new carbon composite, which is the material used in recent car trunks, is now capable of running LED lights and this can help electric vehicles on a dual front. This new composite material can at the same time withstand mechanical loads and stock electrical energy, scientists in UK and Belgium have mentioned who are the creators of this technology. Being based on activated carbon fibres, the structural supercapacitor is formed into a car boot lid that is capable of powering LEDs. This composite can be viewed as a substitute to assembling two separate components that could aid electric vehicles […]

Trending Automotive Electronics

What runs in your mind when you hear about Automotive Electronics? A musical system that connects to your mobile, airbags and an electronically controlled steering? You are on the right track but it has a lot more electronics than you probably realize. Automotive Electronics includes everything right from the headlight and LED brake light to the seat belt alarm inside your car. If you give it a thought, every module in your car is a high tech electronic gadget. Know more about your vehicle and be updated with the latest technology and trends. The electronic components in a car include […]