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A Brief History of Car Evolution

Have you ever wondered how cars developed over the years? Wonder no more because has packed the whole history of the car evolution in this article! 1. Introduction With different vehicle models, looks, designs, trims, engines, and builds, one would often wonder where, when, and how the evolution of cars all started? In other words, how did the evolution of cars come about? When was the first one produced, how did it look like, did it run on petrol? What technology was used to build it then? Which set of people could afford it? One of these questions must have […]

The Nigeria Automotive Industry—Policy, History And Development

The National Automotive Policy After the comatose of the once vibrant Auto industry in Nigeria, the Government recognized the importance and basic role of the automotive industry in the industrial development of Nigeria by resuscitating the standing technical committee on national automotive industry in 1990. The NAC (National Automotive council) with inputs from the Nigerian automobile manufacturers association (NAMA),and other organizations involved in the industry drafted the automotive policy for Nigeria. Presidential approval for the policy was given on December 30,1992 and later endorsed by the transitional council on august 10 1993. ( The policy document was formally launched on […]

How To Drive An Automatic Car In Nigeria 2020 – Best Tips Ever

Automatic cars are a great way to make your driving experience less stressful. Driving a car with an automatic transmission is easier than the one that uses a manual gearbox. Driving an automatic car comes with many perplexities at the start, although all these will be overcome as you continue to improve. Automatics are labelled for easy driving and also a better option when it comes to economising of fuel coupled with lighter maintenance costs as well. However,one thing the first-time driver of an automatic car will find awkward is the disappearance of the clutch pedal and some options offered […]